We are writing this for the future.

We can as well say from the future.
17 years ago while Indian chemical industry was still grappling with the swirl it had got itself into by crashing head on against technologically advanced & commercially powerful global equipment manufacturers, Shachi Engineering was born.

In the last 17 years we have tackled all the challenges & waves of this critical industry seeing it grow from as low as 4% to the today’s scintillating trail of 11% plus.
On the way we learnt a few crucial things about you-our customers. Your industries and their challenges, what mattered most & what was just not required if it meant some extra zeroes on the price tag.
And here we are today, peeping into the future of chemical industry and trying to realise it as soon as possible.
Being a regional leader in supplying equipment to delivering expert advice across the country, we at Shachi are now eying the global growth.

Seeking Partner?
Shachi is set to grow beyond the national frontier but simultaneously we see many of the foreign technologies & concepts which would be received well in the Indian markets. We are looking for companies which are keen to explore the SAARC nations as the next growth boosters for their business. With our deep understanding of the markets here and the forces that drive them together we can create attractive offering for those process industries which always want to be a step ahead of time.

Seeking Solutions?
Shachi has proven the worth of its technical prowess in India, Sri Lanka and also in the African continent. With our futuristic engineers we are now keen to deliver our pragmatic solutions which essentially mean the best of technology & the next of performance in Europe.

Seeking Empowerement?
Shachi’s expertise has always been valued over and above the technology that is built-in its equipment. We have slowly come to understand that this forms the core of our business and hence to those who seek to provide their respective markets with this level of expertise are welcome to join the Shachi’s team of future-scientists and engineers. We would be keen to provide you all the solutioning expertise and at the same time certain equipment manufacturing and installation related assistance to deliver the future in your own market.

If intrested please send us the enquiry by hitting the adjecent button.