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Shachi's leadership has a collective experience of more than 7 decades of working with the global firms which handled the most advanced of the process plant technologies. We have been highly successful & transferring that expertise & experience into the superior quality of the process plants we put together. Shachi has served industries like detergent manufacturing & dairy with its solutions based on the focus to delivering futuristic performance levels both in term of product quality as well as the service offered.

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Milk Powder is a processed dairy product made by evaporating milk to dryness. Drying extends the shelf life of milk apart from reducing the weight and volume and lowers the cost of transportation also. The initial solid in the milk varies from 7.5% to 12% depending upon type of milk and the final moisture in the powder, ranges between 2.5% and 5%. Since drying is an energy intensive process, Shachi Provides a solution which not only energy efficient but also cost effiective.

Milk is concentrated up to 45-48% solid concentration in Multiple Effects Falling Film Evaporator with TVR/MVR System. Evaporation of water takes place under vacuum conditions and at low temperature.

During drying in spray dryer, the excess water present in free form between the particles of the dry solids gets evaporated easily. Whereas last stage of evaporation demands more energy as water contained in pores and capillaries of the solid particles need to be evaporated. These last drops of water are removed from milk solid in a Vibro Fluid Bed Dryer which requires less energy for removal of balance moisture.

The combination of multiple effect evaporator, spray dryer with fines recirculation system and use of a 'Vi-bro Fluid Bed Dryer', produces instant quality powder.


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