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With the world moving towards efficient process plants which have immense pressures of delivering high performance along-with obligations to cater to environmental norms, certain value added equipment can ease the business pressures. Shachi's unique approach of crafting the best of technology with close to minimal harm to the planet has pushed us into building some of the highly advanced allied equipment. Serving the industries like food, pharma, beverages we have helped many of our customers in achieving their business goals through these products.

mixer and blenders

Designed to Produce the Perfect Blend

fin tube radiators

High Efficiency Heat

air pollution control equipment

Clean Air that Satisfies every Pollution Norm

cip systems

Enabling Higher PLant Utilization at Lowest Costs

duct gas burner

Precise Heating Robust


Designed to Produce the Perfect Blend

Ribbon blender
The ribbon type central agitators guide the material from the outer periphery to the central core. This motion ensures uniform mixing of the material. The fast processing and thorough mixing makes this an ideal blending machine. Jacketing can be provided as per the requirement for sustained heating or cooling effect.

The blender is suitable for continuous operations & is also easy to feed & maintain. It is typically used for mixing of granules & dry products.

Vertical Cone Mixer
In a Vertical Cone Mixer the agitator moves along with the conical vessel thus achieve a thorough mix. The gentle movement of the mixer makes it highly suitable for the sensitive chemicals. Shachi’s Vertical Cone Mixers are designed for low power consumption.

Double Cone Blender
The double cone blender is an arrangement of two conical shaped units to form the mixing chamber and it is ideal for mixing dry powders and granules. The speciality of this equipment is that it eliminates the possibility of having dead spots (areas where the blending does not happen). It provides excellent results even in the cases where the mixing materials have different flow properties.

The discharge through a double cone blender is fast & complete. The machine chamber is also easy to clean. It reduces the wastage of material & eliminates unwanted reactions caused by mixing of left over material from the previous batch.

Mixer And Blenders
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